Questions & Answers

1. Why do I need to use pre-employment screening for my staff?

An essential element of any working environment is the employment of staff whose integrity and character is beyond doubt. This basic security alone will justify the introduction of screening. Once a full programme has been instigated there will be significant bottom line profits. The programme can be justified as a simple cost cutting measure with additional benefits. These material benefits can be easily calculable. For each £1000.00 spent on screening we can return up to £20,000.00 to the bottom line.

Non materially there is also benefits in reduced legal costs, staff morale and confidence.

2. Which standard do you use?

There is only one recognised benchmark for performing candidate and employee screening within the United Kingdom - BS 7858:2006

This covers the basics for security personnel but can easily be extrapolated to all candidates. This serves as a stepping stone for our innovative additional products that heighten the efficiency of the total process.

3. How long will it take to complete the security screening?

BS 7858:2006 states "Security screening covering the whole of the security-screening period should be completed: for five years security screening, not later than twelve weeks after employment (i.e. provisional employment) has commenced or, for a longer period, not later than sixteen weeks after employment (i.e. provisional employment) has commenced.”

Experience shows that our average turnaround time is eight working days.

4. Can you supply an Application Form?

Yes, we can supply an Application Form for you to download here.

5. How do you ensure the information is kept securely?

All data is kept securely to CRB standards.

Our staff are experienced in handling the data. Confidentiality is fully maintained.

6. Will I have an account manager?

Yes two. One the primary and a recognised secondary contact to cover for any absences.

7. What do I receive?

You will receive a completed report. Also on completion there is a backup file containing all the written references we have received.

8. What is profiling and prediction and how do they aid screening?

The faster the search can come to a conclusion the better. The combination of our profiling and predictive software can make an estimated result in substantially less time than our average turnaround (4.7 rather than 8.3 working days). Accuracy is 98.3%.

This obviously allows the faster elimination of unsuitable candidates and the speedier commencement of suitable candidates. In a full risk mitigation programme this will noticeably improve the self funding excess. In other words more profit.

Both algorithms remain proprietorial but are based on forensic and financial distributions.

To work fully efficiently we need a finished search base of 250 and an annual search quantity of 100.

9. What is tailoring and how can it benefit me?

Tailoring is adapting a system to suit your profile. In effect setting up a new system around your requirements. The way EB operates allows each client to have their unique system.

Without tailoring you receive a standard offering which will never achieve 100% of your goals. And screening without goals implies incompletion.


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