Product Overview

Background/Disclosure Checks

  • Criminal Records
  • Civil Records
  • Employment History
  • Education History
  • Professional History
  • Residential History
  • Bankruptcies and VARs
  • Credit History
  • Intelligence Analytics
  • Money Laundering
  • Terrorist Activity
  • Media Check
  • ID Check
  • Financial History
  • Driving Record
  • PEPS and Sanctions

To see some details of a final report example structure click Report

Final reports can be in any format. There are structures for all industries. We can clearly define the search to suit your needs and your industry sector.

Online Criminal Record Disclosures

European background have developed an online criminal check system for all levels of Disclosure using either Scottish Disclosure or the CRB. This system also provides a methodology for organisations to handle many disclosure requests from disparate sources, alongside a push data monitoring system to give real time updates on progress. The system needs only a web browser to operate. 


This is a unique product offering immediate tailored interpretation of the data received. Either using a standard priority matrix or after consultation with the client, this product gives additional clarity to the decision process.

Based on a pre-arranged set of observations and weightings the scorer can evaluate all data (prioritisation or a simple yes or no). Criteria can be adjusted for each client and each search. Getting the raw data is only part of the battle. Evaluating it correctly is even more important. Use of this product also allows the introduction of our Predictive analysis which reduces the time for finalising the hiring decision. 

Integrity Interviewing

Integrity Interviewing is a non confrontational one to one interview in which an applicant is asked a structured series of questions dealing with a wide array of personal integrity areas. To ensure objectivity the interviewer's opinion is not used in the final employment decision. 

Integrity Interviewing can be used as an interview or interrogation technique for pre employment or criminal investigation. The interviews can be conducted by European Background or specially trained in house staff. 


  • Drug & Alcohol testing
  • Reference provision
  • Predictive Algorithms
  • Profiling
  • Pre-check data audit
  • Gap analysis
  • Domestic staff

All Together?

That means everything from one source, European Background

Some vendors do criminal checks only, some do all employment screening except criminal checks and drug and alcohol checks are always done separately. Until now. Since merging with Beacon Healthcare, European Background have placed all types of screening at it's direct disposal.

What does it mean ?

Firstly it makes things a lot simpler. Two, three or even more parallel processes within the hiring programme can be placed together and handled by one source. The previous workload involved overlapping and sequentially performing processes without need. This has now gone and been replaced with a Risk Mitigation Programme that will enhance your hiring process and open up new areas of cost savings.