Why should there be differences?

A lot of the raw data used by background checking companies comes from the same sources. So why should there be any difference and why should it be important? European Background believes very firmly that the interpretation and handling of the data are as important as the data itself.

The management of the programme is also vitally important.

What makes us unique?

Listed below are some of the hard facts that help to differentiate us from all the other companies claiming to provide candidate screening. However there are also the elements of specialisation, tailoring and focus that help us to provide a higher standard. European Background undertake screening, nothing else, that is our speciality and that is what our software is written especially for.

What makes the difference?

In European Background's case there are several factors:-

  • Pre check data audit to improve the initial data input and resulting end quality
  • An online system which will enable you to submit applications, keep abreast of all developments as they happen and receive the final report using only Internet Explorer. No computer knowledge is needed other than the ability to use the Web.
  • Full backup file with all written references and notations made during the search.
  • Scoring system for each sector within the report. This aids interpretation of the results and helps to clarify the final decision.
  • Predictive scoring system that will highlight potential problems and speed up the entire process. This requires a profile of your hiring characteristics before it acquires the maximum accuracy.
  • A separate database system for your records only, allowing fully tailorable reports and reference requests, and preventing any interference in performance or corruption from other data and processes.
  • Final report layout that will be a modification of the current format, but will retain the same scoring format.
  • Criminal checks in UK, Europe and International. All criminal checks will be substantiated by a numbered certificate from the issuing central Government body.
  • Proven methodology for those applicants who need to apply directly for a criminal certificate under current legislation.

All of these benefits are administered by a knowledgeable work force, who will be familiar with your current search list and able to provide updates or advise on any aspect immediately.