How can a Risk Mitigation Programme cost you nothing?

In essence how can it not? With hiring and training costs alone adding up to thousands per employee, it does not take much of a reduction in unsuitable new hires to cover the cost of the programme. Better still it will generate bottom line profits far greater than simply covering its costs. Empirically our programmes return up to twenty times their cost. Other areas adding to the savings are shrinkage reductions, dismissal or absenteeism cost reductions and a general downside in legal costs.

We have not yet run a full RM programme that has not been self funding. We are confident enough to guarantee it on a no fee basis.

No contract required

Simply send in the details of your first candidate using our template

If you prefer to use an already prepared CV then that is also OK, but we will need a waiver

There is no need to sign a contract. Wait to see how the search works and then decide. That's basically all there is to be done. Other questions can easily be handled by one of our operators. Please telephone +44 (0) 1962 827 772

Online status, online submissions, scoring and all the additional products that uniquely identify European Background will be seamlessly integrated as part of the process.