DBS and International Crime Search

Finding criminal records in all countries has never been more important.

European Background has recently developed the latest DBS system in line with GDPR. We are offering DBS checks with no admin charge.

European Background is a premier provider of International Criminal Records. We utilize the appropriate government body to produce a numbered certificate showing the criminal record. Without such a certificate the criminal check is worthless for auditing or insurance purposes.

Whilst headquartered in the UK, European Background maintains Regional offices and contacts in USA, Australia and Europe.

The International Criminal Records search will report crimes that are comparable to ROA levels of seriousness in UK. When available, the International Criminal Records search will report less serious offences as well. We will endeavour to keep these pages updated with the latest procedures but cannot be held responsible for the complete accuracy of them. Fees also change regularly and will be given as often as possible Turnaround times and availability of records varies greatly with International Criminal Record searches.

Please call for details: +44 (0) 1962 827 772

Country and Pricing. The latest information is available from our office. Please contact us.

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