Workers from Overseas


We offer a service that checks all documentation against Home Office requirements, directly advises the applicant or their HR representative and optimises the process. This can remove entirely the process from the HR department.

Non EU (PBS)

In European Background's offerings we cover all aspects of the latest immigration process

  • Pre check data audit to improve the initial data input and resulting end quality
  • An online system which will enable you to submit applications, keep abreast of all developments as they happen and receive the final report using only Internet Explorer. No computer knowledge is needed other than the ability to use the Web.
  • Scoring system for each applicant within the report. This aids interpretation of the results and helps to clarify the likely outcome of the final decision.
  • Advisory role for both applicant and HR department
  • Final report layout that will be a modification of the current format, but will include all pertinent features
  • Criminal checks in UK, Europe and Internationalas additional options. All criminal checks will be substantiated by a numbered certificate from the issuing central Government body.

All of these benefits are administered by a knowledgeable work force, who will be familiar with your current search list and able to provide updates or advise on any aspect immediately.