Financial Industry Checks

"To counter the rising threat of internal fraud firms have tightened their employee vetting procedures. The intensity of vetting varied between firms but did not always apply to both temporary and permanent staff. One firm applied seven levels of screening with the degree of due dilligence tailored towards the seniority of the role. Another firm stated that 8% of potential hires were rejected after vetting."

- Financial Services Authority Firms’ High-Level Management of Fraud Risk Report (February 2006)

Our FSA standard screening includes the following checks as standard:

  • ID Check
  • Confirmation of previous two addresses and other contact details
  • Undeclared links
  • CCJ searches
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Notices of correction
  • Credit referencing
  • Directorships
  • Property Ownership search
  • Professional memberships
  • Professional qualifications
  • Validation of educational establishments
  • Confirmation of 5 yrs employment